SOLD is Always a Thrill!

I just had word that this piece SOLD last week, through the cooperative shop/gallery that hosts a few of my pieces.

How delightful! I am always honoured and thrilled to learn that a wonderful person out there has been so touched by a painting I've created that they willingly exchange their hard earned money to own it.

Welcome to my new Collector!

Created as a plein air study, this painting attempts to capture the colours and shades of vibrant moss and light splashed across a tiny island hillside in Charlton Lake, Ontario.

Cool Mossy Hillside, Charlton Lake, Ontario


Acrylic on canvas panel

Copyright Renee Forth-Fukumoto

Original: SOLD


Returning to Black and White

It's been quite a long time (dare I say years?) since I expressed my passions in charcoal. In fact, I'd say I ave it up because I thought it was too much fun, too easy. I should suffer for my art, right? Oh how very wrong, according to my artist friend.

Therefore an elephant is born, emerging form the dusting of charcoal on my canvas to express its power and elegance. Its a little like coming home or maybe like going on holiday to get to push the charcoal around again. Such an earthy substance for a very earthy being.

This Ellie will be going into the studio tour along with several of my horses and landscapes.

Time to get back to the … 😉

“Ponderous Grace”, charcoal on canvas, 30”×40”×1.5”, (c) Renée Forth-Fukumoto 2018

“Ponderous Grace”, charcoal on canvas, 30”×40”×1.5”, (c) Renée Forth-Fukumoto 2018