Endangered: Rhino Charcoal Painting

It's has been quite a long while since I used charcoal for creating my artwork. It has been a favourite medium to work with for many years but I've been focused on developing my oil and acrylic techniques and didn't have brain space for it.

Charcoal makes a wonderful break from painting with colour. It's ability to stay loose, to suggest and convey emotion is delightful.

Last Autumn I created two pieces in charcoal on gallery stretched canvas. I enjoyed the process and the finished pieces so much I'm planning to create a series. Of course, I'll have to reclaim my studio space from the household chaos first! But I cannot wait!

This piece is called “Threatened”. The original is still available. Email me if you're interested!

~ Renée

Rhino charcoal painting 30x40 Threatened Copyright Renee Forth-Fukumoto.jpg